Since 1973 we’ve taken an active interest in our local economy, supporting neighboring businesses. We know that when local businesses thrive, everyone benefits. Or as we say, “When you grow, we grow.”

Our goal is to provide more than financial tools and advice. We want to give added value, so business owners can depend on us to help meet the challenges and opportunities they encounter while trying to grow. That’s why we formed the Business Plus Network.

The Business Plus Network Mission:
As a neighbor and partner, Community Bank of Florida’s Business Plus Network provides networking and educational opportunities to grow your business.

The Business Plus Network Vision:
To provide members the opportunity to meet new people, make business contacts and introduce their business to others. We will provide short, informative presentations on topics including running a small business, marketing, human resources, technology and more. Each meeting will provide motivational and educational components to start off the day in a positive way!

What is the Business Plus Network?
An opportunity for business owners to make new contacts, learn tips to help grow their business, get motivated and refer each other at our monthly meetings.

Who can join the Business Plus Network?
Anyone who has a business or is interested in starting a business. There is no requirement to be our customer, although there are perks that are exclusive to our customers.

How do I join the Business Plus Network?
By simply attending a meeting. There is no cost or obligation. Simply fill out a contact form and we’ll keep you posted on upcoming topics.

Where are the meetings located?
Community Bank of Florida’s Community Room, located at the Main Office:
28801 SW 157 Avenue, Homestead, Fl 33033

When are the meetings?
The second Tuesday of every month, starting a 7:15am. Meetings begin with an opportunity to grab a bite to eat and do some networking before the program starts. Our goal is to have you out by 8:30am so you can start your work day.

What can I expect at the meeting?
Every meeting will provide you an opportunity to introduce yourself and your business to the group. Some meetings will offer members an opportunity to highlight their business with a 10-15 minute presentation. Members will know in advance, giving them an excellent opportunity to showcase their product or service to a captive audience. All meetings will provide a short educational presentation on topics to help you grow or improve your business- including marketing, human resources, technology and management. Meetings will also provide networking tips and a motivational thought to start your day off right.

Customer Exclusives
Although Business Plus Network members aren’t required to be our customers, there are some exclusive perks for those who do bank with us!

  • Merchant Rewards: Community Bank customers are eligible to sign up to be part of our “My CBF Rewards” debit card reward program. Gain nationwide exposure in our online Rewards Store and have the freedom to choose the amount of points you give debit card holders for their purchases.
  • Conference Space: Customers are given the opportunity to use our conference rooms for meetings, trainings and goal planning sessions.
  • Testimonials: Customers may participate in our testimonial advertising series to gain exposure through newspapers and online.
  • Shredding: Complimentary document shredding at all Business Plus Network meetings.
  • Website Directory: Customers will be listed in our online business directory with contact information and opportunities to offer coupons.
  • Preferred Network Card: Customers in the Network who sign up for the Preferred Network card will be given discounts for patronizing other members.
  • Quarterly Newsletters: Customers who provide us with an email address will receive quarterly email newsletters that provide resources, tips, and highlights from past presentations.

Code of Conduct
In order to provide a productive and valuable environment, we ask participants of the Business Plus Network to observe the Code of Conduct.

Participate: Members are encouraged to be active participants, engaging in conversation with other members, referring business to each other and sharing success stories. Bringing new members is also encouraged!

Be Supportive: Members joining the Business Plus Network have different levels of skills and knowledge. Those who are more ‘seasoned’ are invited to share their expertise.

Be Courteous: Members should treat each other and bank employees with respect and courtesy.

Give Feedback: Members are asked to provide constructive criticism, when necessary, to improve the program for all members. Such communication should be made directly to Business Plus Network Facilitators or other participating bank employees.

Exhibit Personal and Professional Integrity: Members should always remember they are representing their business and are expected to act ethically, with honesty and integrity.

Promote Inclusiveness and Diversity: Community Bank of Florida provides equal opportunities to customers, employees and vendors. This carries through to the Business Plus Network. Anyone who owns or is interested in starting a business is welcome to join the Network.

Confidentiality: Information communicated at Business Plus Network meetings is proprietary and not meant to be shared publicly, reproduced or disclosed beyond your business’s employees.

Conflicts of Interest: Community Bank of Florida reserves the right to prohibit any direct competitor from participating in the Business Plus Network, including but not limited to: financial institutions, mortgage providers and other lenders, merchant service providers, etc.

Misrepresentation: Members should not make any unauthorized public statements regarding the Business Plus Network.

If you have any questions about the Business Plus Network, please call us at (305) 245-2211.